Monday, October 11, 2010

Quilt Show

Last weekend was the Outdoor Quilt Show in Temecula, Ca.
It was very hot, but it is always a delightful walk through town,
with unusual shops, antiques and especially all the beautiful quilts about.

Although I did not man the camera, my husband got a wonderful
sampling from the day. Thanks Honey.


Beautiful small calendar quilt & very small US flag

Pink & brown baby quilt hanging in front of
The Quilter's Coop

Reminded me of my mother-in-law who loved turtles.

The quilts just look so natural hangin around town

A sampling in front of the quilt shop
A delightful collection of snowmen.

I try to attend each year, usually with my mom, husband and any
daughters and their families that can attend (it's about the half way
point between our home and two of our daughter's homes)
My mom was unable to attend, but I did get to see 
my youngest daughter and her friend,
which made the quilt show extra special.  
Thanks S & B and little M for hanging with me.