Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Sweetness

She's here
Fresh from God

Kinlee Joy

Our newest granddaughter

Welcome Kinlee.
You have already captured our hearts.
We are so blessed.

Photo taken by her Auntie

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Red

This week is the bi-annual quilt festival hosted by Amy of Amy's Creative Side
I'm so excited to be participating for the first time.

Today I want to share Big Red.
I quilt, yet I had never made a quilt for my mom. She is very talented and has made all kinds of beautiful things, yet is always interested in what I'm making and thinks my creations are wonderful even when they are lacking. She is a wonderful support to me. And really, who quilts and doesn't make a quilt for their mom? Even though she likes everything I make,  I wanted to make something she would really love. About a year ago, after leafing through some quilt magazines she showed me a cover quilt she really liked.
Not a problem. I could make a quilt like that and in those colors. 
No, it turns out she wanted that quilt, that fabric, that exact quilt. 
I've never made a quilt exactly like the original and it was a
FALL/WINTER 2008 Quilt Sampler magazine, already two years old. 
After some online searching I was able to locate the fabric. 

 Here are some un-quilted close-ups

The quilt went together beautifully, but about half way through 
I realized (actually I always knew, but pushed the thought aside) I couldn't 
quilt it. It was too large for me and my little machine and I would have to send
it out to get quilted. It was hard to let it go. I've never sent a quilt out before and
Big Red and I had bonded.  Christie, a local Longarm quilter did a wonderful job, 
really bringing Big Red alive. The quilt turned out more beautiful than anticipated. 

My mom loves her quilt, in fact she loves it so much she won't put it on her bed. Go figure.
Please, mom, use your quilt. A quilt grows more beautiful with use. 

Quilt Label

If you love to look at quilts like I do, grab a refreshing drink, a bit of snack and head on over to Amy's Creative Side to enjoy all the beautiful quilts. You'll find everything from traditional to modern to art quilts from beginners to experts. I guarantee you'll find something you love. 
Thanks Amy for ALL you hard work putting the festival together!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy Bees

There is a little lull in my Quilt Bees, 
so I thought I would share some Bee blocks

This is the second block for Sew Fresh Fabrics boy charity quilt.
The first block was the "Who's Drivin?" blocks that I blogged previously.
Sew Fresh sent me a bag of scraps to use for the charity blocks.  
Not knowing what would arrive in the box made the blocks more fun.

Next was the Mod Mosaic Scrap Bee Swap

I've never done anything like these and although I love the finished blocks, 
I didn't enjoy putting all the white between the scraps. Very stressful for me!
And since this was a swap, I sent five and received these five in return.

Aren't they pretty? Each one is from a different person. 
Now, what to do with just five blocks?

Next was the spider web blocks for Simple Modern Quilt Bee 2
Now these I had a tiny bit of trouble with. The first block came out a smidge
under the 12.5 inch size it was supposed to be. So after some thought
I left block #2 untrimmed until the very end.

It worked perfectly.  I love it untrimmed. Very cool!

And here they are both together, side by side,
all trimmed as they should be. 
So beautiful! I'm sure Beth's quilt will be a beauty! 

  And last, I have just finished these two star blocks also for
Simple Modern Scrap Bee 2

The assignment was to make two star blocks,
different sizes, different stars.
One is 8.5 inches (supposed to be 8, but it's not) and the other 12 inches.
Here they are side by side. 

Well, that's it for now.   May is an extremely busy month already, 
 and more bee's should be coming in soon.