Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Little Mini

I'm back with a new little mini. Just in time too!
It's my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes
I just realize I need to stop sewing and blog something other than 
the beginning and end of my goal. 
I have plenty of other things going on, I just need to slow down a bit. 
I'll give it a good try in May. 
Now on to my little mini quilt adventure. 

The little mini is for Fab Little Quilt Swap
I stalked my partner as best I could and just sat on the information for a long time.....too long.  
 Nothing I could make would be wonderful enough. 
She does fabulous work and has exquisite taste. 
I headed to the swap photo pool with two design ideas. 
I decided on making the paper pieced design. 
I had to just jump in and hope it would be something she likes. 

Partner, shall I continue, or go with the plus/crosses?

I used Anna Maria Horner's free spinning star block pattern. 
I reduced it in size to end up with six inch finished spinning stars. 

What about ring/circle #9?

I went with a low volume background and the circles in colors I thought my partner might like.
 This made the spinning stars become circles or rings, instead of the stars. 

Ready to quilt


I started out with one green circle, then realized I had enough greens to expand the idea.
I had a lot of fun digging through my stash looking for as many
shades of green and blue I could find.
I was surprised I had so many.
Then, what to do with the ninth circle?
I ended up repeating a "pie" from each circle to complete number nine. 

My backside

Here's a peek at the backside. 

My favorite little circle

My favorite litte circle/ring. 
This shade of green is so calming.

In the light

Finished quilt in the light.  

Fab Little Quilt Swap 3

The whole little quilt, 
and yes, those are my tootsies. 

Fab Little Quilt Swap 3

A little closer look. 

Fab Little Quilt Swap 3
measures 18 X 18

Inspiration from this little quilt.

I'm linking up with 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Lovely Year Of Finishes - April Goal

I'm back with my April goal for A Lovely Year Of Finishes.
 I've done well and met my goal each month,
 of coarse there's only been three, but I'm thrilled.
 It has kept me in check, which is why I join in, in the first place. 
I tend to post the goal and the finish at the last minute, which isn't good. 
I need to fix that and post earlier. Sometimes, like today, 
I don't even know what my goal will be until I start posting. 
Umm, yea, I need to do better.  

This month I have another 
little quilt to get working on. 
I've been undecided about what to make for my partner.
Her work is wonderful and her tastes extend into an area that 
I'm not confident of being able to pull off.  
I am a bit intimidated.  
Play it safe, or stretch myself? 

I want to stretch myself, but what if my little quilty is a fail? 
I'll have to get something done at the last minute and I don't want that. 
A final decision needs to be made.

I've pulled a few fabrics, but they're not really speaking to me.

I was going to choose another project as my April Goal, 
but since this little doll quilt is such a big deal for me, 
I don't know if I'll be able to get to anything else. 
April Goal -  Doll Quilt for Fab Little Quilt Swap

A lovely year of finishes is being
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Melissa of Sew Bitterweet Designs .
If you want to poke around, see some beautiful finishes
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