Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bee Block

I've joined a couple of online quilt bees.  I should have focused on the long sewing list of things for the new baby coming, but I participated in an online round robin bee years ago, before blogs, and I just couldn't stop myself! So, when Sew Fresh Fabrics started their bee, I  joined in, which lead to joining two more (their sort of addicting).

I want to share this block for Beth from Sew Scrappy Sew Happy Bee because its a little different. Instead of oohing and aahing over the fabric that arrives for the month, then playing with it. The "fabric" for this block arrived in small pieces, scraps really, and I needed to make the fabric. Fun, but oh my, what if I mess up. I read the instructions, thought about it and re-read the instructions for a couple days, then cleared a working space and got right to it.

Beth asked that we all make her block based on the Simple Insanity quilt from Chawne. Basically strips of scraps are sewn together, then those are re-cut and sewn back together to make a "new fabric". I was so afraid of wasting even the smallest scrap that I played with the layout for quite a while. In the end I laid all the scraps of similar length together. 

Sewed them in long strips, then re-cut.

These strips will be sewn log cabin style to make "new fabric".

Here is the back of the "new fabric" with lots and lots of seams.


And here is the new fabric. It's so pretty. I love it!

This new fabric was then cut in strips to complete the requested block. Some of the pieces are really, really small. It turned out to be 10 X 12 and I had barely enough fabric, even with the six scraps I added.  Can you find them Beth?

Here is the finished block. 
It measures 13.5 X 13.5

I love how this block turned out and I so enjoyed making it, that I'd like to make several more for a quilt of my own. It was time consuming, so I'll add this quilt to my to do wish list for the future. 

For inquiring minds - an online quilt bee is a group of sewers/quilters that take turns making blocks for each other.  The person assigned to that month sends fabric, directions and specific requests of what he or she would like the block to be. The recipients complete and return the blocks to the owners.  Fun, fun!