Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

If you love quilts then you've probably heard of the Blogger's Quilt Festival
hosted by Amy of Amy's Creative Side.
Several hundred quilters show their quilts.
I look at each and every one of them and they are incredibly inspiring. 

Amy's Creative Side

I am going to share one of my favorite and most recent quilts with you.
I blogged about it only a month ago, but most of you haven't
been here before, so I think I'm OK.

This quilt was made for a doll quilt swap.  The swap had some repeating
block guidelines and I choose the churn dash block, which was a favorite for my partner.
I started planning and playing and moving things around and realized
 it reminded me of this quilt block, which I love.  

It came together pretty quickly and as I went along 
I found opportunities to add a bit of fun. I had some word fabric and thought that the centers of the churn dash blocks needed to be different from the background, to add some interest. There were four blocks, what a perfect opportunity to spell a four letter word.
The centers of the small churn dash blocks spell    L  O  V  E   

Here is the finished flimsy

   I thought it would be fun to bind it with the word fabric to tie everything together.

I didn't like it from the start, it was too light (I prefer dark) and I had
 been pushing another idea out of my mind all along, but it
 kept creeping back. I took it off and gave idea number one a try.
 I had been too lazy up until that point to try it. 
To my surprise it worked up perfectly and turned out pretty well.

So much better, don't you think? It really screamed for the color 
to continue out to the binding. 
I wish I would have quilted it more, but isn't it so wonderful 
when a idea comes together, you think its ok, but it gets better as it goes along. 

I love this little quilt. 
It was hard to send off, but I know its right where it belongs.

This is my "side of the barn" photo along side the fabulous quilt I received in the swap. 

Churn Dash Love
18.5 X 18.5
 April 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

Its been awhile, so I should be posting about quilting and sewing, don't you think? 
Well, today is a special little someones 1st birthday
so quilting and sewing will have to wait.

One year ago, our family was blessed with this precious little girl.


                                                                     4 months

                                                                    12 months 

12 months


                                                          She loves herself some cake! 

Doesn't she just look like the sweetest  little thing? 
She really is. She has a quiet, gentle sweetness about her. 
We are so very blessed and grateful she belongs to us. 

Happy Birthday sweet Kinlee
Meema loves you!