Sunday, July 31, 2011

School Is Cool

School starts here in nine days. 
My grandson needed a little something of his own for pre-school. 

What's a gamma to do?
Make a backpack with that pattern she bought last year from made by Rae

He's three and has a love for cars!

The inside is lined like a checkered flag

 It's cousin approved and checked for size.

Will HE like it?

Yay, he likes it!!
He wouldn't even take it off for dinner! : )

Enjoy your backpack little man.
You melt my heart  ; )

**  There are lots of backpack patterns available, but if you're looking for one, give this one a try. It went together very smoothly and is the perfect toddler size. I added the side pockets.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nine Weeks With The Farmer

Well, here I am.
I was hoping to get a few more posts in before now, 
but I started back to work and 
had unexpected, but welcome company with us this past week. 
I'm generally feeling unorganized and lazy. 
I suppose I'm just adjusting to work after six weeks off.  
(Ok, I'm done whining now, I think)

I finished 4 more Farmer's Wife blocks

I just realized I didn't take photos of the blocks individually. Oops!
From the top is #39 Friendship,
#14 Butterfly at the Crossroads,
#13 Buckwheat and 
#45 Grape Basket

Do you want to see an "oops" from this week? 
I made Grape Basket and something was just not right.

The color. It was blah. It had no life. 

So my Honey made suggestions and here is my
new Grape Basket along side the blah one.
Much better, huh?
The Farmer's wife quilt along is on week nine, but I've only gotten eight blocks done.
I bettered stop spending so much time on the color combo dilemma and get more blocks done!

My Honey went on a vacation to visit family a while back (I was unable to go).
While he was gone he went to THREE quilt shops.
I like to think it was because he missed me, but it was probably because
he was with his sister, who is a quilter.

He returned with a kit to make a brightly colored block and
some "Florida" yardage that he picked out,
and his sister sent two kits alike to make doll size quilts.  
I loved the fabric and thought I would combine the kits to make a slightly larger 
doll quilt, but as I was working I started thinking how I needed another 
apron and the colors would go with the kitchen nicely. 
Those two kits were just enough to make a wonderful apron.
I didn't have a pattern, but it turned out alright.  
There are a few things I will change next time.


modeled by my daughter

hanging with a friend

My sister-in-law doesn't have a blog. 
She does beautiful work and is quite fast about it. 
Here is shot of her most recent work she sent me.

Have a wonderful week.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farmer Takes Another Wife

Even though I have far too many other projects going, I joined The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along which started about 6 weeks ago. A quilt along is a group of quilters working on their own version of a particular quilt at the same time.  Sort of like a support group, offering support and encouragement as the quilt progresses.

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along is based on a book written by Laurie Aaron Hird. It includes letters entered in a contest from farmers wives in the 1920's that were asked "If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you want her to marry a farmer?" The letters are charming and full of conviction for their way of life. I found myself longing for their lifestyle. A simpler, slower pace, a community having shared family values and beliefs. As I grow older, that is the kind of community I would love to live in. Each letter is represented by two 6 inch quilt blocks.

I really wavered about joining the quilt along because in general I am not fond of sampler quilts (a quilt where every block is different), but I LOVE small blocks with all those tiny pieces. I love the precision and the challenge. The pace for this quilt along is  2 blocks per week, since there are 111 blocks, it will take a good year to complete.  I think I'll start with some of my favorite blocks and stop when I have enough, perhaps about 80. 

I am about 4 weeks behind, but that's OK, here are my first four blocks
Strawberry Basket # 91

Farmer's Daughter # 32

Contrary Wife #21

Bouquet # 8

and here are all four blocks playing together

The red and white looks out of place now, but will blend in when more blocks join in. I originally didn't want any white or cream etc, but I didn't have enough other colors in my stash that I felt would work as background for all the blocks, so I will be adding in white here and there. 

If you would to see the blocks from some of the other wives or find yourself wanting to be a Farmer's Wife, check out the Farmer's Wife Quilt A Long flickr group

So far, I'm a pretty happy Farmer's Wife  : )

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Where has the time gone, 
seems just yesterday that you joined our family. 
The last one, my last baby. 
We  dreamed of a little girl named Sam,
and there you were, right in my arms. 
Oh what joy!
few weeks old - 1989

 A real sweetie, right from the start.

just before turning one -1990

3 3/4 years old - Easter 1993

Full of fun and laughter.
Our funny girl.
A sweet blessing.

Happy Birthday Angel