Monday, January 17, 2011

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll

Did you notice the button for Roll, Roll Cotton Boll in my side bar? 
It's been there awhile but I didn't mention it because I am a bit behind.  
It is a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt along that started in November. 
I love everything Bonnie does so even though it was the holidays 
I dug through my stash and joined in. 
Right before the "mystery" was revealed I started to be concerned about the color combinations and all the "ugly" fabrics I was using. There were red and white/cream combos, pink and brown combos and green and cream combos. How was the red going to fit in?

Anyway, I plugged along, I was in too deep and I trust Bonnie.
I love the revealed mystery.  I am so glad I continued on.

I am still far behind. I will finish up these 30 blocks. All the red needs to surround the pink and brown centers.

Still missing, 60 string blocks. I love the look, but am not sure I will make them, that's right I have NOT made them yet. I would like to come up with some other block alternative. I've never been a string block kinda gal and I have very, very few light colored fabrics. 
Before I have a chance to be "creative" I will have to file this project as WIP because their is a wonderful little boy about to turn three and he needs some felt food for his birthday! 
I've already gotten off to a small start. Don't these look yummy?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome 2011

Christmas has come and gone, my favorite time of year. 
I was so enjoying the season, I didn't have time to blog, 
but I will share this little stocking I knit. Isn't it cute? 
The pattern is from Little Cotton Rabbits. 
I'm a fairly new knitter, but it knit up so easily. 

Happy New Year!

Now we're on to 2011. Resolutions? I've never been 
a resolution kind of gal. 
I do tend to reflect and enjoy the freshness and possibilities 
of new beginnings at the first of the year. 
This year I'm wondering, 
why at the first of the year only? Why not look to new beginnings 
or a freshness to each new month, or each new week, 
or even each new morning?
I'm going to try to focus on the possibilities in smaller increments of time. 
I am so blessed. I just want to be more aware of God's moment by moment presence in my life, whether I'm busy and there is a whirlwind around me or I'm sitting still....just be aware. 
I want to focus on God's faithfulness 
and attention to details, His consistency.

I have a few goals regarding finish the flimsies I have. Only two quilts I've made live among my family. Sad I know. I am hoping to fix that this year. I've pieced several quilts, but I always get stuck at the quilting stage. I have a small machine,  its hard to manage a large quilt, I don't practice enough & I'm a perfectionist. There I said it! I will quilt quilts because after all, whats important is that the quilt surrounds the recipient with warmth and love. It doesn't matter that the stitches aren't perfect. So I'm putting perfectionism aside and finishing those quilts!