Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dreamin and Moving Along.

Not enough sewing has been going on here, but things are settling down. 
I'm home from work for a few weeks, so I'm going to do my best to change that. 
I feel like I haven't sewn for the past six months. 
My "want to make" list is long and growing longer by the day and I am itching to get sewing. 
I managed a little dreaming, planning and tiny bit of quilt sewing. 

I was hoping to have a whole quilt done. I started out with this little block.

It measures 16.5 X 16.5, making each square one inch.  
I thought I might prefer it a bit larger so I remade some 
half square triangles and came up with this.

I know, they look the same, 
but this one is made with 1.5 inch squares and 
measures 24 X 24. You can really see the 
difference side by side. 

I really think I'm leaning toward the smaller one 
with the larger block on the quilt back. 

Aww, its back to dreaming about it. 
I've got two "Elsa" dresses to make, a toddler backpack,
finishing up on this quilt, 

and this one for do Good Stitches

I'm a bit further than this.  Layering is next.
(cheer ladies, thanks for your patience)

I'd better get moving along.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Stitching : )