Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sewing for Baby

I been neglecting my blog, which needs some major tweaking 
(which I don't know how to do) and instead been sewing for a new little angel due to arrive in a few weeks. Yes, I am Gamma and Meema to two precious little ones and about to be blessed with a third little one.  

Being Gamma and a quilter, I of coarse wanted to get right to making quilts 
for the new baby, but first she, ( yes, she is a she ) needed a few other things.  Amanda, our daughter showed me this photo of baby bedding.

Isn't it pretty?  We decided we could probably make something similar,
so we went off to the fabric store and to our surprise found very
similar fabrics.

I forgot to take a photo BEFORE I started sewing ; )
What do you think, a bit less pink, but pretty similar?

All six bumpers.

There is piping on top and zippers on the bottom just
in case a washing is needed.

Here is the finished bumpers and skirt together. They just need a pink sheet between them.
I'm sure everything will be much prettier in the crib, instead of leaning against my purple walls.

Next was the nursing cover, and since I've made several of these
it went together pretty quickly. Amanda picked the fabric.

Then a snuggly, made with Eden by Lila Tueller, from a giveaway I won
last year.  I used the Snuggler pattern by Lotta Jonsdotter and
lined it with pale pink flannel. It turned out adorable.

Last was some contoured changing pad covers. I made three with the pink minky. I have to say I did not enjoy sewing the minky. I had a bit of trouble, but noticed that the washed minky was fine, it was the unwashed that gave me a hard time. Note to self for next time.

Well, baby is due to arrive soon and I still need to get started on hats, and shoes and dresses and bibs and toys and........oh yea, quilts.  Oh no, I'm really behind!