Monday, January 17, 2011

Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll

Did you notice the button for Roll, Roll Cotton Boll in my side bar? 
It's been there awhile but I didn't mention it because I am a bit behind.  
It is a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt along that started in November. 
I love everything Bonnie does so even though it was the holidays 
I dug through my stash and joined in. 
Right before the "mystery" was revealed I started to be concerned about the color combinations and all the "ugly" fabrics I was using. There were red and white/cream combos, pink and brown combos and green and cream combos. How was the red going to fit in?

Anyway, I plugged along, I was in too deep and I trust Bonnie.
I love the revealed mystery.  I am so glad I continued on.

I am still far behind. I will finish up these 30 blocks. All the red needs to surround the pink and brown centers.

Still missing, 60 string blocks. I love the look, but am not sure I will make them, that's right I have NOT made them yet. I would like to come up with some other block alternative. I've never been a string block kinda gal and I have very, very few light colored fabrics. 
Before I have a chance to be "creative" I will have to file this project as WIP because their is a wonderful little boy about to turn three and he needs some felt food for his birthday! 
I've already gotten off to a small start. Don't these look yummy?

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  1. Oh I can't wait to see the completed quilt project. How suspenseful. I think I am too controlling for something like that. ;)
    I am so excited about the felt food. The donuts look amazing!! He is the luckiest, almost three year old out there. :)