Friday, June 17, 2011

Hairy Issues

My daughter, (I won't say which one) was coloring my hair. 
I didn't realize, but apparently a necessity when one becomes a Gamma. 
I asked her if she would be willing to trim it up a bit, cut an inch or two to freshen it up. 
She eagerly agreed. 
My hair is bra length (can I say that on a blog?) with long layers. 
You know, the style that works when the wind blows,  because it is just curled layer. 
Anyway she began underneath of coarse, and made the first cut. 
It was too short. 
I assured her it was OK... it was underneath, but that the very top layer 
should be that length when finished.  
She giggled and continued to cut.

Right before she finished cutting, 
she shares with me about how she cut her teen sister's hair a few years ago. 
I had wanted her hair long, the sister wanted it short, so she cut it short, but they both
told me it was uneven, so she had to keep cutting. 
I think at this point she was trying to warn me, but I didn't get it.

What I ended up with was really not layered much at all AND at my shoulders! 
At least I didn't let her touch my bangs........Hmmmm, I wonder if it was on purpose?  
 Oh well, it will grow back : ) 
Thanks, my precious daughter, you did a fabulous job!  
  Love, mom

NOTE - no photo.   I'm just not happy with any of the photos.....maybe its not my hair. 
Hmm..... something to ponder.

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  1. I think you should post a photo. I love the new hair cut! :)