Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Craft Market

The Big Day has come and gone. 
Everything went smoothly for us as first time craft market sellers. 
All the vendors had beautiful booths, and wonderful products.
It was a day filled with fun, treats and the support of family & friends.
 Nicole and Kristen went above and beyond putting on The Threadery.  
 All in all they did a fabulous job, which contributed to our great experience and fun. 

Here is a photo of our booth, with little Madi sitting right in the middle. 
What a cutie. 
 I brought my camera then couldn't find it so this is all I have.
I wish I would have gotten photos of all the other vendors and a few more of our area.

It really was a wonderful day and so special to have my niece, her friend, all my daughters, 2 grand daughters, my mom, Auntie & my hubby all there for support. : )

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