Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Little Mini

I'm back with a new little mini. Just in time too!
It's my April goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes
I just realize I need to stop sewing and blog something other than 
the beginning and end of my goal. 
I have plenty of other things going on, I just need to slow down a bit. 
I'll give it a good try in May. 
Now on to my little mini quilt adventure. 

The little mini is for Fab Little Quilt Swap
I stalked my partner as best I could and just sat on the information for a long time.....too long.  
 Nothing I could make would be wonderful enough. 
She does fabulous work and has exquisite taste. 
I headed to the swap photo pool with two design ideas. 
I decided on making the paper pieced design. 
I had to just jump in and hope it would be something she likes. 

Partner, shall I continue, or go with the plus/crosses?

I used Anna Maria Horner's free spinning star block pattern. 
I reduced it in size to end up with six inch finished spinning stars. 

What about ring/circle #9?

I went with a low volume background and the circles in colors I thought my partner might like.
 This made the spinning stars become circles or rings, instead of the stars. 

Ready to quilt


I started out with one green circle, then realized I had enough greens to expand the idea.
I had a lot of fun digging through my stash looking for as many
shades of green and blue I could find.
I was surprised I had so many.
Then, what to do with the ninth circle?
I ended up repeating a "pie" from each circle to complete number nine. 

My backside

Here's a peek at the backside. 

My favorite little circle

My favorite litte circle/ring. 
This shade of green is so calming.

In the light

Finished quilt in the light.  

Fab Little Quilt Swap 3

The whole little quilt, 
and yes, those are my tootsies. 

Fab Little Quilt Swap 3

A little closer look. 

Fab Little Quilt Swap 3
measures 18 X 18

Inspiration from this little quilt.

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  1. Oh wow, that is really stunning. Love it!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  3. I LOVE this!! And everything else you have made as I scrolled down your blog. I am Gina who just joined your do.Good stitches circle last month. I can't believe I am just now visiting your blog but I will be following you on Blog Lovin. So nice to "meet" you here in your space outside of Flickr!!

  4. This is a darling quilt. Green is my favorite color, so it's perfect. =) Love the way you quilted, too.