Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Must Conquer....

I've always admired nicely knit items. I learned very basic knitting 
as a young girl and didn't remember much of it. 
For my birthday, a few years ago, my mom retaught me to knit.
When she wasn't near by and I needed help, I turned to the internet.  
There is so much great knitting info available!  
I'm still learning, but I fell in LOVE with knitting!  
I 'm giving socks a try. 
Well, I've started them about seven times, 
even changed yarn for a mental fresh start. 

I will conquer them.......socks!

These are now looking pretty good. 
I've gotten past the gusset, the heel turn, the heel and .......really? 
One sock is looking a bit large. 
Seems I have too many stitched on the needle after the heel. 
Oh No!  Upon checking the other sock I have too few?  
How did that happen?!  

I WILL succeed, I WILL conquer these socks! 
I guess I'll start over, but meanwhile, I'll go back to some quilting for awhile. 

Here are a few Bee blocks

October DGS bee blocks

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Have a great week everyone ; )


  1. Wendi!!! It's been too long, your bee blocks are beautiful!!!!

  2. Oh, that's heartbreaking about your socks - but don't start them over, just rip them back to where you know everything is right, say just under the heel. You might have been decreasing on one sock twice and not on the other. I try to "flag" my first sock with a removable stitch marker in a bright colour so I always know the start of a round, and watch the previous row to see if I decreased or not. I have that book so I know you don't decrease two rows back-to-back, but it's tricky to keep track sometimes! I have knit more than a dozen pairs and yet the pair I'm knitting now, I have also "re-knit" the toes several times, the one heel 4 times (haven't even moved onto the second half of the needle yet!) so even experienced sock knitters have trouble now and then.

    Your tension looks beautiful.