Sunday, February 23, 2014

Keeping Busy

Just thinking of the last few weeks brings a yawn of tiredness.

There have been bee blocks

DGS - cheer group (January Blocks)

February do Good Stitches done.

A Science Fair, a quilt show, some wedding prep and shopping for The Dress. My daughter has had her heart set on wearing my dress since she was a little girl, but we went looking anyway. I've been updating and altering her dress.


We've celebrated three birthdays.

This is my favorite six year old  : )

There was time spent together with family on day trips and visits.

It was wonderful to see our sweet Aunt R, visiting from Oregon. This is with my three daughters

There was a little sewing.


A weekend with these two,

and a little one growing quickly, right before our eyes.

Sweet little Q is 2 months old!
Sweet Q at two months

This post needs more quilts, so I'll leave you with this one from the quilt show.

I have long been in love with this pattern and its on my bucket list of quilts.

May your week be full of HaPPy StitCHes.  :)


  1. you have been busy, but it looks like all fun stuff!!! i love your bucket list quilt. have a good week Wendi!

  2. Nice pics! The quilt looks really awesome no wonder you have it on your list.