Monday, April 9, 2012

Look What I Got!

It's been crazy busy around our home, 
so I haven't posted much, but I want to stop and show you all the
amazing little doll quilt I received from Mona Keegan 
for the Doll Quilt Swap 12 group.
You can find her on flickr as Quilting Cyclist

The Doll Quilt Swap 12 ended today. 
The deadline to mail was today, but I received my quilt a few days ago. 
In fact, it arrived on my porch on Thursday, 
but no one was home and we didn't see the package until Friday.
My husband is home most everyday, but just happened to be gone on the day it arrived. 

We brought it in and hubby cut the box open while it was in my lap, 
I lifted the lid in his direction, 
I was on the backside of the box and couldn't see the quilt, 
as I am in the middle of saying "Am I going to like it" his jaw dropped. 
He says "Yes, you are going to love it. "

And I do, 

I   L O V E  it!

Wouldn't you?  

some close - ups

The idea that someone, a stranger, would create something for me this fabulous, this gorgeous is, well,  overwhelming. I could not take my eyes off of it.  The photos do not capture its beauty.

 Everything about it is beautiful, the color & fabric choices, 
the piecing, the quilting.... 

It truly is a fabulous little quilt.

Thank you mona!   : )


  1. Oh I was eyeing that one :o) it is just beautiful and you are very lucky. Mine arrived today and I hope to get a post up in the morning and I am over the moon with it also. We are both lucky. Enjoys yours xx

  2. Wendi, thanks for all the kind words - lovely thoughts. We are no longer strangers. I hope that we get to give each other a hug in person one day. Enjoy my baby. It is certainly in the right home. Mona

  3. That is gorgeous! Love it. I might have to steal it and take it to my house. ;) Love you mom.