Monday, December 31, 2012

A Quick Look At 2012

Since this is the last day of the year I thought I would join 
others in blog land and take a look at what I've made this year.  

In looking over photos, I realized that I made many, many things 
that were never photographed.
I need to work on that for 2013. 
I have to say though that I am delightfully surprised 
that I finished seven quilts this year. 
That's right, a big fat seven
Can you tell I'm thrilled?!


As our family says goodbye to 2012
We reflect on the precious times spent together with loved ones.
The wonderful day to day happenings filled with
little moments that matter most.
The highs and a few lows, that although difficult, have stretched us.
We rejoice in God's graciousness and love to us.

A special thank you to all who visit my little creative space here in blog land.
May your 2013 be one of overflowing
love, great health and joy.

Here's to 2013


  1. Beautiful year mom! Love you!

  2. You have many great finishes here! And 7 quilts - a productive year! Happy New Year!