Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Major March Goal

I'm busy getting started on my 

I know the whole idea is to finish up what I have going, 
but I need to get a little dolly quilt done for a swap. 

All fabrics need to come from my stash, 
because I don't have time to order anything.
I'm going to pull some reds and oranges


I'm not a rainbow kinda gal, but my partner is, 
so I think I'm gonna pull the whole rainbow, 
not just red and orange. 

  I almost forgot to stop pulling fabric and link up


  1. The quilt will be very cheerful. I really look forward to seeing your finish!

  2. I would have been happy to be your partner. I was so happy to see your bright fabrics. Waiting for the result of this at the end of the month.