Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Goal

Last day of the month. 
Are you wondering how I did on my Lovely Year of Finishes?  
I'm sure the Cheer group of do. Good Stitches is.  
Well, I put all the bee blocks together and decided it was too small, 
so I added 10 more blocks to make it a little more generous.  

It's 111 here today and just too hot outside for a quilt photo, 
so my honey sweetly volunteered to hold it up.

It's looking good. 


 I'll be back in a couple days with a recap of June. 
I got a few things done that I will share.  
Right now, I have all my grandchildren (three) here for a few days, 
and I snuck this post in during nap time. 

Happy Stitching : )

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