Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Goals

I can't believe I'm posting a July goal.


This year has gone by so fast.

 I have two weeks left of my six weeks off work. 
I thought I would accomplish a lot of quilting and house projects,
but family fun and events come first.
I'm always thrilled to spend time with familyso I don't mind!

I still have a bit of a holiday weekend and beach time coming up, 
but I'm ready to get some quilty projects done.  

Priority on my list and my July Year of Lovely Finishes Goal is this 
quilt for my Cheer group of do. Good Stitches

I want to layer, quilt and bind it by the end of july
Since this month is very busy it's probably all I'll get done.  

Here's a  few small finishes from the past few weeks. 



A bear/baby carrier.  
I made a proper carrier  for my granddaughter who 
puts her babies in her shirt to carry them.
Wouldn't you know, she's really not interested in it. 
Oh well, at least it looks cute hanging on the bed post. 
Maybe someday. 

A new backpack for the same granddaughter.

Pockets on the side.
Fully lined and a pocket inside.

She has one her parents have used for a diaper/toddler bag, 
but now that she's a big girl four, its all hers. 
It 'll be handy when she heads to pre-school soon, 
but for now she is excited to carry her toys in it.

Happy Stitching 

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  1. Oh my! That backpack is fantastic! I'm sure your g-daughter loves it.