Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nine Weeks With The Farmer

Well, here I am.
I was hoping to get a few more posts in before now, 
but I started back to work and 
had unexpected, but welcome company with us this past week. 
I'm generally feeling unorganized and lazy. 
I suppose I'm just adjusting to work after six weeks off.  
(Ok, I'm done whining now, I think)

I finished 4 more Farmer's Wife blocks

I just realized I didn't take photos of the blocks individually. Oops!
From the top is #39 Friendship,
#14 Butterfly at the Crossroads,
#13 Buckwheat and 
#45 Grape Basket

Do you want to see an "oops" from this week? 
I made Grape Basket and something was just not right.

The color. It was blah. It had no life. 

So my Honey made suggestions and here is my
new Grape Basket along side the blah one.
Much better, huh?
The Farmer's wife quilt along is on week nine, but I've only gotten eight blocks done.
I bettered stop spending so much time on the color combo dilemma and get more blocks done!

My Honey went on a vacation to visit family a while back (I was unable to go).
While he was gone he went to THREE quilt shops.
I like to think it was because he missed me, but it was probably because
he was with his sister, who is a quilter.

He returned with a kit to make a brightly colored block and
some "Florida" yardage that he picked out,
and his sister sent two kits alike to make doll size quilts.  
I loved the fabric and thought I would combine the kits to make a slightly larger 
doll quilt, but as I was working I started thinking how I needed another 
apron and the colors would go with the kitchen nicely. 
Those two kits were just enough to make a wonderful apron.
I didn't have a pattern, but it turned out alright.  
There are a few things I will change next time.


modeled by my daughter

hanging with a friend

My sister-in-law doesn't have a blog. 
She does beautiful work and is quite fast about it. 
Here is shot of her most recent work she sent me.

Have a wonderful week.


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  1. I love your Farmer's Wife blocks and your sister in laws quilt. Thanks for sharing.