Thursday, July 7, 2011

Farmer Takes Another Wife

Even though I have far too many other projects going, I joined The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along which started about 6 weeks ago. A quilt along is a group of quilters working on their own version of a particular quilt at the same time.  Sort of like a support group, offering support and encouragement as the quilt progresses.

The Farmer's Wife Quilt Along is based on a book written by Laurie Aaron Hird. It includes letters entered in a contest from farmers wives in the 1920's that were asked "If you had a daughter of marriageable age, would you want her to marry a farmer?" The letters are charming and full of conviction for their way of life. I found myself longing for their lifestyle. A simpler, slower pace, a community having shared family values and beliefs. As I grow older, that is the kind of community I would love to live in. Each letter is represented by two 6 inch quilt blocks.

I really wavered about joining the quilt along because in general I am not fond of sampler quilts (a quilt where every block is different), but I LOVE small blocks with all those tiny pieces. I love the precision and the challenge. The pace for this quilt along is  2 blocks per week, since there are 111 blocks, it will take a good year to complete.  I think I'll start with some of my favorite blocks and stop when I have enough, perhaps about 80. 

I am about 4 weeks behind, but that's OK, here are my first four blocks
Strawberry Basket # 91

Farmer's Daughter # 32

Contrary Wife #21

Bouquet # 8

and here are all four blocks playing together

The red and white looks out of place now, but will blend in when more blocks join in. I originally didn't want any white or cream etc, but I didn't have enough other colors in my stash that I felt would work as background for all the blocks, so I will be adding in white here and there. 

If you would to see the blocks from some of the other wives or find yourself wanting to be a Farmer's Wife, check out the Farmer's Wife Quilt A Long flickr group

So far, I'm a pretty happy Farmer's Wife  : )


  1. Love your blocks! I am going in order, but I can't wait to get to Strawberry basket - especially after seeing yours. Love the colors

  2. Your blocks look great -- I especially like "Strawberry Basket"! I haven't seen any other versions of that block (yet!), but now I look forward to trying it out. I also want to thank you for the kind comment on my blog (enchanted bobbin); I really appreciate each and every comment, so thank you!

  3. These blocks are lovely. I really like the way you contrast fabrics so all the shapes stand out well.