Sunday, July 31, 2011

School Is Cool

School starts here in nine days. 
My grandson needed a little something of his own for pre-school. 

What's a gamma to do?
Make a backpack with that pattern she bought last year from made by Rae

He's three and has a love for cars!

The inside is lined like a checkered flag

 It's cousin approved and checked for size.

Will HE like it?

Yay, he likes it!!
He wouldn't even take it off for dinner! : )

Enjoy your backpack little man.
You melt my heart  ; )

**  There are lots of backpack patterns available, but if you're looking for one, give this one a try. It went together very smoothly and is the perfect toddler size. I added the side pockets.


  1. He loves the backpack. He takes it to church every Sunday also. Thank you so much mom! Love you!

  2. great job!!!! you are amazing at what you do!!