Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chevron Layer Cake Quilt

Part One

Chevron Layer Cake Quilt

Finished size  49 X 68

I use a layer cake I had on hand to make this chevron quilt. 
I wanted the chevron strips to be the length of the quilt and not an actual block. 
I also wanted it to be a generous lap size so I "framed" the strips to add length,  
thinking the layer cake alone wouldn't make it long enough. I have found that the frames weren't needed, the layer cake would have made a generous lap size without them. 

 Part One - Fabric requirements, cutting and making rows (left side).
Part Two - making rows (right side) and assembly of quilt top

Here is my version. 

Lets start off with what you'll need.

1 layer cake (10 X 10 pieces of fabric)  - you will use 35 squares

1 1/3 yards of framing fabric (mine is a white print)

1/2 - 3/4 yard for binding

If you don't want borders, 1/2 yard will be enough for binding

A rotary cutter, cutting mat, long ruler (at least 24") and a second ruler is helpful.

Let's Start Cutting

Cut each layer cake square into 4 strips 2 1/2" wide.  I cut mine in half, then in half again.

From the frame fabric, cut 45 strips 1" wide by the width of the fabric  (yield 45 strips 1" by about 40")

** Before you cut your strips, make sure to straighten the edge of your fabric to avoid any crooked strips. I use two rulers. Fold your fabric in half, selvedge to selvedge, then again. You should have 4 layers. Place the horizontal line of one ruler along the bottom fold, near the left edge. Place the second ruler, on the left side, up to the edge of the first. Remove the first ruler and trim. Your edge should now be nice and straight. Perpendicular to the fold. 

Lay out your layer cake strips into six rows.  Each row should have 23 strips.
Move things around until you are pleased with the layout.

  Let's Get Sewing

Collect the top 7 strips from row one into a stack. We will split the row of 23 into smaller units.
Seven or eight is a manageable size, any longer and things get distorted. The smaller stack works best with the ruler length too. You could do 4 group with 5 and 6 strips, if you prefer.

At your sewing machine, put the top strip aside and sew the next six layer cake strips to your 1" frame strips. Four printed strips should fit on one strip of frame fabric.  Continue with the rest of the layer cake strips in the stack, so that each one has a frame fabric attached. Cut them apart and iron the seams open.

Keeping all your strips in order, and with the frame fabric up toward the top,
mark each framed strip 1 1/2 " in from the left side.

 Line the fabric above at the 1.5 inch mark, pin and sew strips together.

 Press seams open. Continue pairing these four strip groups, using the 1.5 inch marked sewing guide until all 7 strips are one larger strip unit. It should lean to the right. Press.

Time To Cut

Line up the 60 degree line along the bottom of the lower strip.
The side edge of the ruler should fall along the strips where they join.
It could be off a bit, mine was, just straighten as best you can.
You can use another ruler. Lay the 60 degree line of the second ruler along the side edge of this one, your frame fabric lines should run along the horizontal lines of the ruler  (Sorry, no photo)
When you are ready, carefully cut the long edge.

 60 degree line

Long edge

Now move your ruler over to cut the other side. Again placing the 60 degree angle on
the bottom edge. Place a second ruler along the cut edge, and butt the rulers together.
I placed my second, smaller ruler on the 1 1/4" mark, placed the long
ruler against it and cut the other long edge.
My strips ended up being 6 3/4 wide, from edge to edge straight across. The width doesn't really matter, you just want each chevron half strip to have the same measurement.
These edges are cut on the bias, so be very careful, they will stretch easily

One small unit of the chevron half section is done. Set this unit gently aside. Now collect the next 8 strips and repeat the process for unit 2 of row one chevron half.  Then the next 8.

Now you should have 3 sections of trimmed units.  Each unit containing 7 or 8 fabrics. Let's sew them together.  Line up the edges, off set by 1/4 inch so the long edges will line up nicely. Stitch and gently pressing seams open.  This chevron half strip should measure about 63. Gently lay this very long, strip aside so it doesn't stretch.

Congratulations,  you have one half of the chevron strip #1 done. Now go back to your quilt layout of 6 rows and repeat this process with row3 and 5.

Now we are ready for part two. I will post it on Saturday.


  1. What a lovely quilt! I love the framing, and I'm looking forward to seeing part 2!

  2. This is an amazing tutorial. I'm looking forward to part Two.

  3. Oh I love this! I have the perfect layer cake for it! Can't wait until Sunday for part two!