Monday, October 22, 2012

Hops and Scraps

Lets Get Acquainted Blog Hop is still going on. 
Actually, it is due to come to an end in a few weeks. 
I'm posting this weeks hop blogs so you can stop by and say hello. 

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After recent projects, I was tidying up my sewing room 
space and made the mistake of 
collecting my scrap bags and baskets in one place.  

Oh.....I   can   not    believe that I can't bring myself to toss out these scraps. 
Why must I keep everything!  

Want to see?

I've had this basket for many years, 
 as if it were actually a piece of furniture. 

A plastic bin to toss scraps right at my feet while I'm cutting. 

Last year I got some crazy idea to hang onto strings. 
I needed some for a project and didn't have any.......because I don't like to do string things!  

And these, the tiny of tiniest, but oh so cute and pretty!  
Some of these are only an inch big.

What to do, what to do?  I tried cutting up everything in a 2.5 inch 
square for a scrap vomit quilt, but so many of the scraps are not wide enough. 
Should I just toss anything smaller than say, 2 inches, and cut up the rest?
Suggestions anyone? 

Do you keep all your scraps too?
What do you do with them?

I forgot, I have another large shopping bag full, that I didn't take a picture of. 
Ugh!  I think I need a plan!
Or some help!  : )


  1. you should give the longer scraps to your daughters that life in San Diego and are making a scrap lampshade. Just an know to help out your hoarding. ;)

    Love you!!!!

  2. I used up my scaps on a spiderweb quilt and it totally amazed me because I was drowning in them!